Tuesday 7 February 2012

"Big cat walked into our front room"!

The above statement was made by a Gemma Sherlow-Gray on Monday, 6th Feb's Meridian Tonight, after she claimed that a big black cat, the size of a labrador, and with green eyes, had strolled into her front room. The alleged incident took place at Seaford. and if true, could involve the same animal which was observed recently at Ovingdean, and other parts of Brighton and back towards Alfriston. A neighbour of the witness, named Alan Chandler, reported that large paw prints had been found in the snow near the houses, and may well have belonged to an animal that had come from the Seaford Head area. This report echoes a recent encounter at Ovingdean where a male witness claimed his small dog was being eyed up by a black leopard as it stared through his patio doors. A few years ago a man in London claimed that one night whilst feeling unwell, he opened his door in his Nunhead property, and was shocked when a big black cat strolled in. Such encounters seem highly unlikely, but the witnesses seem adamant that the animals they are encountering are 'big cats'.

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