Saturday, 22 August 2015

April 2015 'big cat' sighting:

From the Sussex Express of 7/4/2015:

'A reader has reported seeing the ‘Fenland Big Cat’ around the Friday Bridge area last week.
John Johnson, of Victoria Road, Wisbech, says he spotted an animal crossing a field while walking his dog on Thursday at 5pm.'

'Mr Johnson said: “I was walking my dog on the old canal site in Elm when I saw an animal crossing the fields at high speed from Friday Bridge to the A1101.

“It was about as tall as a Labrador but twice as long and mainly black.

“It had a brown cat shaped head, so not a muntjac deer or fox. Did anybody else see it?”
There have been several sightings of a big cat creature across Fenland over the years.'

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