Monday, 24 January 2011

Black leopard sighted at Cowold, West Sussex

'Wednesday 19th January 2011
I’ve just found your name on a website so thought I’d let you know what I thought I saw on Wednesday. I live in Cowfold, West Sussex. I was upstairs on the computer in front of a window. It was a bright clear sunny morning, about 11.30am. I saw a large animal running across the field about 500 metres away. I stood up and looked. I then looked for my phone to take a photo but it would have been too far away. I looked and it was running. It looked great dane size but was more stocky, it was black and looked like it had a long tail. My mind decided quickly that it wasn’t a dog as it’s back was arching like a cheetah running so I immediately thought it’s a black puma. Of course, everyone thinks I’m a bit loopy but it definitely was a large cat animal running. It definitely was not a deer or fox and didn’t look like a dog.'